18 January 2012

Burgundy Pants

 Jacket- Michael Kors, Top- American Apparel, Pants- Fragile Jeans, Shoes- Steve Madden, Watch- Michael Kors, Misc Jewelry- H&M and CR

This week I went into the city to do another shoot for American Apparel.  And as usual anytime I go there it's raining! Not only that the day consisted of a lost wallet, a one man band with a feather hat, and the best bacon cheese burger... ever... aka the W.T.F burger at Mel's Burgers.



  1. Your pants are so awesome, love your outfit!

    1. thank you! Theyre the best fitting pants I ever had! its hard for me to find pants that are long enough with out the butt part being too big or too small

  2. I love the color of your shorts <3


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