22 March 2011

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Last night I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's. The movie was quiet long, but I enjoyed it. It was a little bit different then what I expected but it is a great classic that every girl should see. Audrey Hepburn's style in this movie is to die for, she truly is a style icon.


21 March 2011


Top- Talbots, Necklace- No name, MAC Lipstick- Myth

I just borrowed Breakfast at Tiffany's from Christina, which I have surprisingly never seen. Only bits and pieces, so tonight I will be watching it! As well as finishing looking at my March issue of Allure. I bought it a few weeks ago, but I just haven't had time to sit down and go through the entire thing. Also, Myth by MAC is what I'm wearing in the photo above, it is my favorite lipstick color! I wear it nearly everyday, as you can see its half way finished! It is the most perfect nude for my skin complexion, just a dab of rosebud salve with this and im set. Fleshpot, which is similar to Myth is on my shopping list to buy next from the MAC store.


18 March 2011


Top- J.Crew, Bottom- American Apparel Velvet Leggings, Shoes- Minnetonka, Glasses- Flea Market

Oi--Today is so lovely! We decided to go out somewhere nice for lunch today to enjoy the beautiful warm weather. But I never know what to order when I go out because I have little patience to go through and read all the options on the menu, I usually always stick to the same thing. At FCK I'll usually get the Turkey wrap. Deee-lish!

Can't wait to jump into more spring-like clothes!


17 March 2011

Wish List

Jay Strongwater Jeweled Birthstone Box- October
"Decedent Swanky Ring" (charmandchain.com)
YSL Ring


Items by Johanna

I was looking online and stumbled upon a blog that had a feather earing (which are my favorite type of earing to wear) that I really liked and went to the link of the website and they have a bunch of really cool pieces. I really like it because they have a lot of unique things that aren't ridiculously priced. Its a Swedish online website so I'm not sure if they ship to the U.S but I'm drooling over these few items that I saw on the site.

Check it out:
Items by Johanna


16 March 2011

Fringe, Fringe, Fringe

AA- Fringe Dress, Vintage Belt, AA- Nail Polish in Mouse

I got this fringe dress a few weeks ago because I had seen it a while back but wasn't sure if I wanted or not, but we got one in the store so I had to get it! I'm thinking of altering it some way either sewing the back closed or dying it. I was thinking maybe like a pink-rose color?
I love, love, love these shoes from Steve Madden! They are the perfect shade of nude for me and I can wear them with a alot of things.

Click here to get them!

However I still have to get the side stretch at the show repair because there a bit tight on my feet.  The lipstick is by Revlon in Saucy Sangria. I always wanted to get a really rich darker red lipstick then the usual red lipstick that I have. And I came across this at the drug store while buying foundation. This color I would recommend more for a night look rather than day. I haven't gotten the chance to wear it out yet because I'm waiting for that perfect event and outfit to wear it with.


15 March 2011

Spring Please

Top- AA 3D Mesh Shirt, Skirt- AA Chiffon Skirt, Knee Highs- Fredricks of Hollywood, Shoes- H&M

The look I'm wearing here is a little bit more girly than how I usually dress. Lots of flowery frills and chiffon. But I love the chiffon skirts and the 3D mesh shirts are so pretty I wanted to combined the two. This shoot was more difficult because it was so windy my hair was flying in my face and I kept complianing to Jesse of how cold it was.


09 March 2011

Clean & Cozy

Jacket- American Apparel Nantucket Ottoman, Tshirt- Borrowed from my boyfriend, Jeans- American Apparel High Waiste Zipper pants, Shoes- H&M, Ring- Forever 21, Nail polish is called Mouse by American Apparel.