21 June 2011

Wish List

Mascara, Buxom
Ever Sleek, L'Oreal


Classic Colors

Today I took a survey to find my style personality according to Elle, to see which color trends are best to suit my personality.  It was pretty simple and only took a few minutes to take.  My results came to be "Classic" which was no surprise to me being that 90% of my closet consists of black, white, navy, and nude.  I never really was quiet sure what to call my style exactly because I like various pieces of different styles. However the colors I wear the most would be considered Classic. But I am working on throwing more bright or bold pattern pieces into my wardrobe over time. Baby steps, baby steps.

Click here to to find your true colors


06 June 2011

Tangerine Crazed

Top-AA Lawn Button up Crop Top, Bottoms- AA Acid wash shorts, Shoes- Thrifted, Necklace- American Eagle

Right now I am in love with two things... American Apparels new version of the Lawn Button up, instead of the usual one they have now added a cropped version!  It's so light and pretty, a must have for this season.  Second -- this bright orange nail polish. I like to call it "That little old lady in Florida orange". Kinda silly but I think its the best color for summer, and I wanted to take a risk with color which is something I usually don't do, but I'm working on it!

I will be making a post soon about the one featured here as well as the rest of my favorites for this summer!