27 July 2010


Everything American Apparel, Bandeau Bra- DIY studs

Work, work, work is all I have been doing lately. Meaning no beach time unfortunately. Which leaves me with my pale skin compleatly lacking of vitamin D. School shopping time is approaching and I can't wait! Im not going to lie though I have already started and have a pretty good idea already of the things that I want to get.

Leather boots, rings and tank tops are top on my list right now. Mostly stuff from Urban Outfitters. Also I will be turning 18 in about 2 months! I am thinking of having a party because I never really had one except when I was a child. Well see what happens.


09 July 2010


Yesterday I bought the LG Rumor Touch. And I love it!!! It is the sexiest little phone I have ever had! I am still in the process of figuring out all of its capabilities and learning how to use it. But it is very easy to text on with the option of QWERTY keyboard, touch keypad, or a hand written pen option! Which is super cool. I have already managed to drop it 3 times and spill V8 Juice on it within the first couple hours of having it -- but there where no scratches or any damage to it!
Whooops! Clumsy me

I will defiantly be needing to buy a case for it soon.

Any suggestions of cases/websites online?