30 December 2010

January Wish List

B. Redken wool shake 08 Gel-Slush Texturizer
C. Sedu Revolution Pro Tourmaline Ionic 4000i Hair Dryer
D. Opi Nail Polish in Over the Taupe
E. Aubrey Ring from modcloth.com
F. Nicole Women's Conundrum Ankle Boot
G. Plaid Blanket


29 December 2010


Top photos- Everything American Apparel
Bottom photos- Jacket- American Eagle, Shirt- Old Navy

This holiday vacation has been nothing but freezing and snowy here in New York -- Last Sunday I went to my friend Christina's for a little "Christmas Cheer!" And enjoyed some piping hot hors d'oeuvres and Pierces spirited singing.

Also me and Chris built a really awesome gingerbread house. We wanted to get the "giant" gingerbread house instead of the cottage and a separate gingerbread tree... so built our own tree out of ice cream cones, paper, icing, and spearmint leaf candies. It took a couple of days to work on it but it was the first and best house I think I've ever made.

Although I had been talking about how much I wanted it to be winter and to snow, I want to take it all back. I've seen the snow enjoyed it for about five minutes, and Im ready for it to be warm again! I just want to be able to wear tank tops and open toe shoes again!

Im excited for New Years to celebrate with a few of my close friends and to wear a dress that I've had sitting in my closet waiting for the right celebration.


14 November 2010

Back again!

Everything American Apparel, Shoes- Vintage

Wow, I haven't made a post in quite awhile. I've been caught up with a bunch of things lately. But I really am going to try and make more frequent posts now I promise!

Today was so nice in New York but still a little chilly so I wanted to just wear a big comfy sweater. Im so excited to see my friend Olivias apartment this weekend in Brooklyn for her "Friends Giving Party". Im thinking of bringing sweet potatoes and possibly home made peanut butter cookies as well.

Thanks Giving is close... and Black Friday. Which Im a little nervous for because I will be working that day, and have never dared to go out shopping on that day.

...Pray for me.

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27 July 2010


Everything American Apparel, Bandeau Bra- DIY studs

Work, work, work is all I have been doing lately. Meaning no beach time unfortunately. Which leaves me with my pale skin compleatly lacking of vitamin D. School shopping time is approaching and I can't wait! Im not going to lie though I have already started and have a pretty good idea already of the things that I want to get.

Leather boots, rings and tank tops are top on my list right now. Mostly stuff from Urban Outfitters. Also I will be turning 18 in about 2 months! I am thinking of having a party because I never really had one except when I was a child. Well see what happens.


09 July 2010


Yesterday I bought the LG Rumor Touch. And I love it!!! It is the sexiest little phone I have ever had! I am still in the process of figuring out all of its capabilities and learning how to use it. But it is very easy to text on with the option of QWERTY keyboard, touch keypad, or a hand written pen option! Which is super cool. I have already managed to drop it 3 times and spill V8 Juice on it within the first couple hours of having it -- but there where no scratches or any damage to it!
Whooops! Clumsy me

I will defiantly be needing to buy a case for it soon.

Any suggestions of cases/websites online?


17 June 2010

I love these bags! -- All from ASOS.com

A. Pieces Elements Clutch Bag
B. ASOS Croc Twist Lock Day Bag
C. Pieces Quilted Barrel Bag
D. ASOS Cat Purse
E. ASOS Urban Academy Bag
F. ASOS Cork Envelope Clutch With Detachable Shoulder Strap
G. ASOS Urban Academy Canvas Bag


14 June 2010

Homemade Is The Best Way

Everything American Apparel, Nail Polish- Rosebowl, AA

Today is the last full day of school -- whoo! Now this week I have final exams and than I am free! This weather here on Long Island is not feeling so Summer like though. Also, sorry there have been no posts up for awhile I have been quite the busy bee. I promise this summer I will post as much as I possibly can! Maybe even find some neat stores/restaurants to tell you guys about.


02 June 2010

Ashes Fell Like Rain

Everything American Apparel, Shoes- Vintage

I am in love with the AA Ottoman Jacket. It's so comfortable and is perfect for those breezy days. This weekend was hectic! Especially at the mall with all of the Memorial Weekend sales. It was a mad house!

School is almost out and I can't wait! I've been itching for summer for the longest time. Just a few weeks left and ill be free!


31 May 2010


Everything American Apparel, Swim Top- Aerie

On Saturday I finally got to spend a day outside of school with one of my bestfriends Jackie, as well as her boyfriend Raff. We went to Westhampton Beach after McDonald's which this one specific McDonalds in my town has TERRIBLE service on that note! They where so rude to us when taking our order, gave us a bag with all of the french fries dumped in the bottom of the bag. The bun on my burger was soggy in ketchup, and they gave us no ketchup packets. Okay, thats enough complaining moving on...

As we where leaving Jackie's car to walk down to the beach a van drove past with a man driving it, and he barked at me and my friend! Literally; this man barked like a dog at us. Not even like a deep WROOF! it was a: "woof!" -- like a small dog haha. However the beach was nice even though it was pretty late during the day, it was the first time I had gone this season. Other than a bonfire at night. It was waaayy to cold to go swimming though. The boys went in but we watched, and made fun of them.