10 November 2011

Peru Prints

Top- Vintage, Skirt- American Apparel, Rings-H&M

I picked up this top awhile back from a vintage shop.  I love going to little shops like that because you can find the most unique pieces there to incorporate with the other items of your wardrobe.


08 November 2011

Golden Bows

Top- American Apparel, Skirt- CR, Shoes- Dolce Vita

I originally bought this skirt awhile back and never wore it until now.  At first I wasn't sure what I wanted to wear with it, and after a few months I gave up on it and told myself I didn't like it anymore and set it aside with clothes to donate.  Just the other day I was going through things and  came across it with the tag still attached!  I figured I would give it another try, and this is the look I created.  I haven't decided yet if I will still keep this skirt or not.  I may post it to sell, keep it, or possibly do a follower giveaway?  Tell me what you think...


01 November 2011

I have a secret!

Before you continue if you have not seen my previous post on the IFB conference check it out here and here.

As some of you may already know I attended the Independent Fashion Bloggers conference this past September, where I got the chance to be interviewed by Sammy Davis of Sammy Davis Vintage.  With her I shared my secret indulgences of nail polish.  Click here to watch!  And don't forget to check out Sammy Davis Vintage as well!