31 May 2010


Everything American Apparel, Swim Top- Aerie

On Saturday I finally got to spend a day outside of school with one of my bestfriends Jackie, as well as her boyfriend Raff. We went to Westhampton Beach after McDonald's which this one specific McDonalds in my town has TERRIBLE service on that note! They where so rude to us when taking our order, gave us a bag with all of the french fries dumped in the bottom of the bag. The bun on my burger was soggy in ketchup, and they gave us no ketchup packets. Okay, thats enough complaining moving on...

As we where leaving Jackie's car to walk down to the beach a van drove past with a man driving it, and he barked at me and my friend! Literally; this man barked like a dog at us. Not even like a deep WROOF! it was a: "woof!" -- like a small dog haha. However the beach was nice even though it was pretty late during the day, it was the first time I had gone this season. Other than a bonfire at night. It was waaayy to cold to go swimming though. The boys went in but we watched, and made fun of them.


15 May 2010


So recently I was asked to be featured and interviewed by Love & Inspire Universally which was so cool! You can check it out here

06 May 2010

The Close Of Another Long Day

Everything American Apparel, Shoes- Old Navy

Iv'e never been a fan of over-the-knee socks until recently. I just couldn't resist these. Also I feel like it is getting too warm to be wearing full tights so I thought to change it up.
The wedges I'm wearing where purchased last minute from Old Navy before my shift at work. They're 4 1/2 inches! Woah! That is the highest shoe I have ever worn. But I love them despite how much they make my feet ail hours later. I hope to get many more. I just love the feeling of being super tall, plus it works my legs incredibly.

04 May 2010

7 AM

Shorts- American Apparel, Knee Highs- American Apparel, Shoes- Vintage, Bag- Vintage

This morning Damian and I decided to drive over to Bagel Lovers since we knew our 1st period teacher would be out for awhile because she shattered her knee cap. So if we were going to be 20 min late to class, who cares because it would only be a lame substitute. WRONG!!! Of course the day we leave to grab breakfast she chooses to come in with this entire metal leg brace. Like she's the bionic woman or something.
When ever I get a breakfast sandwich it comes with a hot drink and I always like to try different tea combinations. This morning it was Celestial Seasons Green tea + Celestial Seasons Raspberry Zinger. It was surprisingly good with the right amount of sugar, and only leaving in the Raspberry to just add a little flavor. Something to try? Let me know what you guys think of this combination.


03 May 2010

Ahh- So many links!

This is my first post ever on Blogger! Not a very exciting one but oh well. Today I was offered a feature/interview on beauty from Love & Inspire Universally through my lookbook which is tres tres exciting. (You can check out my lookbook here.)

So my reason for this blog was for a more personal level. More on what I see, what I like, new things Im trying, places I go, etc. Rather than just the random pictures and thoughts I had that where being posted on my Tumblr. Maybe I'll even throw some poetry in here. But I don't know about that. I haven't written a damn thing in ages. Eeek! Well it is late, and I have a long day set for tomorrow.