17 October 2012

Pretty Tough

Top- F21, Jacket- SuperTrash, Headband- DIY, Bag- Zara, Flats- Express

*Sigh*... two days in NY away from Long Island was almost a vacation for me.  I got to meet up with Tiffany after my photo shoot for dinner at Cafeteria to be the true food critic of their supposed "best mac and cheese".  I give it 4 out of 5 stars haha.. 

Afterwards I spent the night at Christina and Bonnie's for movie night were Christina made I am Legend way more scary for me by screaming every time a zombie appeared. And we somehow watched the alternate ending but was much more satisfying then the ending we are all used to. 

--Day two in NY-- I stole Bonnie's floral headband for the day which was a nice touch of innocence to my black and leather outfit.  Bonnie, Christina and I grabbed tea and coffee from Saturdays Surf and then walked around shopping. I got a really cool pair of studded jeans from Urban and we also went halloween wig shopping.  I  picked out a blonde bob wig, not exactly sure what my costume is going to be yet but I knew it had to involve the complete opposite of my natural hair.  Thinking of maybe a vintage bunny, cat woman, or maybe a Russian spy... hmmmm.....


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