21 January 2013

All American

Top- American Apparel, Jeans- H&M, Boots- Vintage, Bag- Zara, Hat- Saks

I was feeling very "All American Girl" when I woke up this morning.  So I felt it was a must to break out my AA plaid shirt.  And it made it that much better that I now have to perfect hat to go. Now all I need is a musket and I'd be ready to bring home a new prize piece for the wall.

Also -- Happy Martin Luther King day!  Back during the time of Martin Luther King, Jr my grandmother actually was a part of his meetings that he would have with the town people.  I remember when I was a child her and my mother showing me notebooks of notes she made and sign-in sheets of others who attended these meetings.  I'd post them but I think they've gotten misplaced over the years or are in storage some place. I just always that was a cool thing about my family history that I wanted to share with you all.


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