13 February 2013

I don't care! I love it!

Top- H&M, Jacket- H&M, Shorts- American Apparel, Socks- H&M, Shoes-Minnetonka, Sunglasses- Brian Atwood

Today is absolutely beautiful!  Celebrating the melting of the snow from the blizzard that just hit NY -- almost two feet.  Nearly everyone was snowed in and couldn't go anywhere.  I spent several days with my friend Kayla catching up on Girls on HBO.  If you haven't seen Girls I suggest you watch it because its hilarious! You will be hooked!  I love it, minus the fact that Hannah is always naked.  Also I had a moment of "spunky sass" and decided to cut myself a new do.  Bangs, as you can see.

This week I've been obsessed with the song "I don't care" by Icona Pop (Which I had on loop during today outfit post)  It sounds so familiar as if I have hear it on a Tv show or something, but I can't quite put my finger on it.  Anyone have an idea?

Valentines Day is near... not clear of what my plans are just yet but I do know it involves a cake!



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    1. thank you! just checked out your blog and love it! now following :)

  2. nice pictures! May I ask something? Aren´t you freezing with those shorts? :D
    Great Blog!

    1. No it was really warm and very sunny this day.. the snow was just lingering around! Plus my thigh high socks are super cozy.. And thank you :)


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