19 April 2014

Billowing Blouse

Top- Priory of Ten, Jeans- H&M, Jacket- American Apparel, Ring- YSL, Boots- F21

As many other fashion bloggers, New Yorkers, and alley cats etc have said this season is... it's been too damn cold! By the time you reach the end of your block your face is numb and your eyes are tearing from the fierce winds. By the time the crossing light says "walk" (so you can maybe not get smashed into by a Citi biker) your nose is running and you realized you forgot your tissues on the table. Oh, and by the time you get to your destination well... remember the scene in The Shining when Jack Nicholson is frozen in the snow? ...to the T.

During my blogging hibernation period I have been on a wild goose chase of an iPhone app for fashion bloggers and lovers besides the typical Lookbook or Chictopia. And I found the perfect one! CREAM style is a new app with a style feed of the most recent looks posted by bloggers. It's basically an Instagram for PURE fashion (and never #fashion with a picture of Starbucks ice cream or a beach scene like you'll often see on Instagram) with the vibe of a Tumblr minimalist theme.

The coolest part about CREAM style is if you love something they are wearing when you "heart it" it will save to your closet. And whenever you're ready you go to your closet and can purchase the same pieces from their look or a similar looking item. Personally my favorite feature about the shopping option in the app is that its all done through the app. Your iPhone screen isn't constantly flipping between apps and opening excessive amounts of browser tabs.  

I've always said to my friends while browsing tumblr, blogs, or clothing websites "I wish I could just copy and paste that into my wardrobe, and then drag and drop it onto my body". And --I die-- because that's literally what CREAM style does. CREAM style also offers other user features and search tools, but I'm telling you... just download it! And I bet that you will add it to your iPhones home screen just like I did. Btw! If you don't have an Apple device you can still follow them on Instagram: @cream_style

Write a comment below and let me know your thoughts/feelings about this new fashion app!


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