03 May 2010

Ahh- So many links!

This is my first post ever on Blogger! Not a very exciting one but oh well. Today I was offered a feature/interview on beauty from Love & Inspire Universally through my lookbook which is tres tres exciting. (You can check out my lookbook here.)

So my reason for this blog was for a more personal level. More on what I see, what I like, new things Im trying, places I go, etc. Rather than just the random pictures and thoughts I had that where being posted on my Tumblr. Maybe I'll even throw some poetry in here. But I don't know about that. I haven't written a damn thing in ages. Eeek! Well it is late, and I have a long day set for tomorrow.


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  1. If you need any help at all let me know !


I read all comments made and will take a look at your blog as well.