21 September 2011

Blazers: 5 styles for this Fall

My five favorite types of Blazers for this fall are Sequin, School girl, Pop Color, Black, and Tweed.  I provided a link underneath each look that will lead you to the website to get a better look at each blazer!

Sequin- Great for night! But also really cool to sparkle under the sun during the day.  Their were a lot to choose from that varied in color and texture, but I really liked this one from My Theresa because it was a flat sequin and a neutral color.  I hate it when their is a beautiful sequin piece but is super scratchy from the sequins, this one is not like that so you won't be pricking people when ever they get too close!

School girl- I love the Ralph Lauren blazers with he school girl styled insignia.  I think their so cute, fun, and preppy but still remaining sophisticated.  The row of buttons on the back of the sleeve is really what drew me in on this one.

Pop Color- Any bright color blazer is really great for this fall!  I chose red just because I don't wear red a lot so I think it would be nice to add that into my wardrobe.  Also a bright blue or orange might be cool too! Asos had a ton of blazers to choose from!

Black- If you don't already have a classic black blazer in your closet... then get one now!  This is one thing you can splurge on because you can wear it to anything, with anything, for a long long time!  Black blazers will never ever go out of style.  Do not just get any old black blazer, it should be one that you really truly can not live with out because you will get a lot of use out of it.

Tweed- I was not always a fan of tweed but it seems to really be in for this fall so I am being more open minded.  This was the hardest one for me to choose but I really liked this one by Plastic Island.  I think the reason why I liked this one is because it was more preppy and fun.  Rather than most of the other tweed jackets which were more on the androgynous side.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Tell me what you guys think!


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