01 March 2011


Today I returned from my week get away from Naples, Florida. It was beautiful! The weather was perfect, 80 degrees everyday and zero rain. It was so nice to just get away from New Yorks yucky weather and to sit by the pool or drive to the beach.
I made sure to take some time for a walk along the the beach to collect sea shells. This week im going to maybe make something out of it like a mosaic tile or something along those lines.
There were a bunch of nice places to eat and shop there. Roy's was by far my favorite., which is where we went for Christopher's Birthday dinner. The restaurant was large and really nice with dim lights. And the food was DELICIOUS! I ordered macadamia nut mahi mahi in lobster sauce and a mango creme brulee. Which I had never had either, but I was not disappointed in the slightest bit.
I didn't get to get any good sunset photos like I had hoped because we couldn't see it from where we stayed but hopefully I'll be returning to Naples sometime again soon!


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